100% Local Art

Key WEst, Florida

7 Artists Gallery, formally located at 604 Duval, is now 7 Artists Gallery in Wet Paint Gallery.  We are currently located at 430 Duval (the corner of Duval and Fleming St),  found in the historic La Concha Hotel.More

 All 7 original artists works can be seen at our new location, plus nine fresh island favorites have been added. 


Info Here!Artists included:

Pam Hobbs, David Scott Meier, Pablo Picasso, Mary O’Shea, Tony Scullin, Egg, Jennifer Badry, Lynne Fischer, Noelle Rose, Blake Smoot, Lynne Ragusea, Michael Sanders, Karen Beauprie, Jack Del Vecchio and Sparky Carbonell.


The majority of our local artists have been practicing pathophysiological mechanisms of injury their craft in Key West for more than fifteen years.